Baikampady Mangalore Microgrid

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Entrepreneur run microgrid by landlord/landowner for low-income labour colony

The Baikampady Mangalore Microgrid is a microgrid in India by SELCO foundation in Karnataka.

About the site

The entrepreneur who owns and operates the micro-grid system inherited the property from his father. The land is used as a plantation for coconuts, bananas, and other plants. Previously, the owner rented land to laborers who lived in makeshift tarpaulin tents. Due to a court order and community pressure, the owner was required to construct basic apartments for the resident laborers. Prior to installing the mini-grid system, residents would primarily use kerosene for light at a cost of 150-200 Rs per month. The kerosene was difficult to procure and poses health and safety risks. Residents would pay an additional 60-70 Rs per month for mobile charging. Grid power is available at the site, but there were a number of drawbacks to directly using the grid. First, government agencies do not recognize the site as a formal settlement so there was a regulatory risk to installing grid electricity. Second, the electricity service in this area is not reliable. And finally, the electric service provider charges a minimum fee for each meter even if no power is consumed. As this housing is used by migrant day-laborers, the houses are not fully occupied year-round. A solar PV micro-grid was therefore suggested, making use of the land-owner to build a sustainable model. PV and Battery Location 15 larger houses 60 houses Open well Industrial Area Good road access Coconut plantation Residential Area The site Sea

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Loads powered: 60 1-room houses (3m x 4m) with 1 light + mobile charger – 140Rs/month charge. 15 larger houses (10m x 10m) with 2 light + mobile charger + power for fan and TV – 200Rs/month charge

Transmission: 96VDC, Aluminium single core wire in PVC pipe

Household connection: Clusters of houses had copper wire connection, junction boxes for Aluminium to Copper connection

Household wiring: Copper with standard consumables Load control: Fuses for each house limit power consumption. Timing is centrally & manually controlled by Entrepreneur

Loads used: 96VDC LED lights, 3W. Standard AC universal power supplies work on 96VDC, so standard TVs, mobile chargers and 12V adapter for fans were used.

Monitoring: Data logger installed to measure and monitor usage. No remote connection: data must be downloaded locally Panels mounted-top of on land-owner’s house roof Batteries and 96VDC charge regulator stored inside room on side of land-owner’s house Two load lines for two sections of the community. Load switched on with MCBs by entrepreneur

Data-logger to record and monitor load use and solar generation 15 larger houses 60 smaller houses

Batteries: 8x 200Ah, 12V, series connection, Primetech Charge controller: Customer made Solar + Grid 96VDC charger, Solar-Battery-Grid priority, Power One

4x 300W, 24V, series connection, EmmVee



Kochi - Panvel Hwy, New Mangalore, Baikampady, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575011, India

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