Camp Pendleton Microgrid

Community · Feasibility
'Fractal Grid'

Organizations Involved

Additional Details

– Distributed/Hybrid and Cloudbased
Approach to Monitoring and
Control (Flex Power System
Microgrid Software & Controls)
– Rapid SCADA (ms response time,
vice multi-second)
– Localized

Power network
– Model-based engineering, including

Energy Storage
– Quantum AES system – 240kWh
– Deep Cycle Batteries (GEL) – 60kWh
– Electric Vehicle (EV) with Vehicle to Grid
(V2G) for additional storage

1.1MW Community Scale
• Power Generation
– SolFocus SF-1136x Concentrating
Photovoltaic (CPV) Arrays – 225kW
– Flat Panel High Efficiency Photovoltaic
System (PV) – 300kW
– Diesel Generator – 200kW


Camp Pendleton South, CA, United States

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