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At the heart of the Microgrid is a vanadium redoxflow battery supplied by GILDEMEISTER energy storage GmbH. The battery is connected to the DC bus by built-in ARDA Battery DC-DC Converters.

​The Energy Storage system maintains the DC bus voltage and controls the Energy Management function of the Microgrid.

The distributed generation components linked to the DC bus will include 16KW of solar and 10KW of gas generation.

Both Sources will  be integrated into the DC Microgrid using the ARDA Source DC-DC Converters, which in the case of Solar include maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

  1. ARDA Power is a global pioneer of DC Microgrid technology for non-residential buildings. Soon they will roll out the world’s 1st commercial plug-and-play microgrid solution to the market which will make it easy to design and construct a Microgrid in almost any building: on or off grid, with AC and DC loads, and powered by up to 100% renewables.  A battery-centric, DC-connected platform conceived by ARDA engineers with technology originally developed at the University of Toronto makes possible microgrids that are simple, low cost, resilient and versatile. Leading a consortium of US based cleantech development firm, local utility and a German flow battery company, ARDA is commissioning Burlington DC Microgrid project in the headquarters and main manufacturing facility of Etratech in Burlington, Ontario in early 2017.



Etratech Inc, Cooke Boulevard, Burlington, ON, Canada

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