Intelligent DC MIcrogrid Living Lab

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The DC Home laboratory aims to demonstrate the viability of technical and cost advantages of using low voltage DC technology for supplying residential consumers in favor of traditional AC. This technology will enhance their power quality, reliability and also efficiency (up to 340% according to some U.S reports). Comparatively with ever increasing shares of renewable energy sources, more and more DC electronic appliances (laptops, smart phones, LED lights, home entertainment systems and white goods), final consumption level is shifting worldwide distribution networks towards DC. Therefore, the change in paradigm for electrical power supply of low voltage users may provide many new opportunities to considerably increase the overall quality of service. Source

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The DC Home laboratory will consist of a Energy Management System and multiple DC buses with different voltage levels: 380V, 48V, 24V, 12V.

Electrolyser produces hydrogen with excess of renewable energy to store until EMS requires heat or electricity

Solar PV
Whisper Wind Turbines
Micro-CHP based on fuel cells


Aalborg University, Fredrik Bajers Vej, Aalborg, Denmark

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