Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya DC Microgrid

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Providing reliable and clean energy to a rural institution

The Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya DC Microgrid is a solar microgrid in India by SELCO foundation in Karnataka.

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Loads powered: Classrooms (lighting, digital education equipment etc.), hostels (lighting, TV), office (laptops, lighting fans), kitchen. Part of holistic solution including energy efficiency measures

Output is given to three separate wires.

Transmission: 1 phase transmission on underground 4- core.

Building connection: Clusters of buildings connected via distribution boxes.

Building wiring: Copper with standard consumables Load control: MCBs for each building Loads used: Variety of AC loads, lights, fans, TVs, laptops in office and hostels. Kitchen loads, washing machine.

Monitoring: Each distribution point has an energy meter. Data is logged to a central server so the school can see generation and consumption data. If one section of buildings consumes extra load this is seen and can be prevented. If required, building level monitoring can be provided for specific auditing. 50 Panels mounted on custom built MMS over battery room PCU 120 numbers of 2V, 300Ah batteries on two racks Control panel with data monitoring 3ph Grid Input 1ph AC Output on 4-core UG cable PV input Distribution Boxes Power consumption from each distribution box is measured and logged

India Microgrid Energy Storage Battery Bank72kWh array (120x 300Ah, 2V, series)

14 kWp Solar – (10 series x 5 parallel 280Wpk)


Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (école de musique franco québécoise), Sangeet vidyalaya Road, Kalakeri, Karnataka, India

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