Qinous Microgrid Demonstration Project

Commercial · Feasibility
Simulated Load/Generation

The QINOUS micro-grid demonstrator and test facility represents a typical layout of a real 100 kW micro-grid.

The micro-grid AC bus-bar is isolated from the utility grid with two frequency converters. One converter is used to simulate the consumer load profile. The other converter is used to simulate the renewable energy feed-in load profile (e.g. wind or solar). Both load profiles are freely adjustable to be able to test any given real-world application.

A conventional diesel generator is included to demonstrate the behavior of the battery inverters in diesel parallel and diesel OFF operations, as well as when switching between these operations.

Two battery systems are installed to test the behavior of the different technologies in single and in parallel operation of the batteries during such diesel operations.

Grid faults and short-circuit behavior are also simulated to test the energy storage solution’s response to critical events.

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Organizations Involved


QINOUS GmbH, Wilhelminenhofstraße, Berlin, Germany

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