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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is collaborating with MSL and Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) in their efforts to develop an advanced campus-wide microgrid for training, research, and testing and validation. NREL is a member of MSL, and SFCC is a founding MSL partner with responsibility for workforce and professional development initiatives.

The campus microgrid will be a state-of-the-art facility, unique among community colleges and comparable to university campus installations, with an emphasis on supporting the college’s educational mission, sustainability goals, operational efficiencies, and MSL’s strategic objectives. It will link existing assets, including a 1.5 megawatt photovoltaic array and a district heating and cooling system, with new technology that is capable of demonstrating the full range of advanced microgrid functionality.

Greenhouse “Nanogrid”

The first phase of this effort will focus on a single building energy system, sometimes known as a “nanogrid,” to be developed as part of the design and construction of a new Greenhouse facility. The SFCC Greenhouse will incorporate advanced aquaponics and hydroponics techniques, and will illustrate highly efficient uses of water, energy, and recyled wastes. The nanogrid, by optimizing energy generation, storage, and consumption, will therefore be an excellent complement. It also supports the goal of creating a replicable self-sustaining greenhouse configuration that can be located anywhere, including off-grid sites; and SFCC’s approach to an “energy systems” orientation in its curriculum design. The nanogrid design and development is funded by a Capital Outlay allocation from the State of New Mexico, and MSL serves as Project Manager.

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Will include district heating and cooling for campus.


Santa Fe Community College, Richards Avenue, Santa Fe, NM, United States

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