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Hefei University of Technology developed a microgrid system with multi-energy generators through collaborative research with the University of New Brunswick, Canada [30, 31]. They carried out research on the optimization of the design, control and scheduling strategies of the microgrid. The microgrid structure is shown Figure 3. The system consists of a 10 kW single-phase and a 30 kVA three-phase PV generators, two 30 kW threephase wind generation simulators, 5 kW fuel cell, 300 Ah battery bank, 1800F ultra-capacitor bank and two sets of 15kW conventional generators used to simulate the small hydro and small fossil generators, various loads (resistors, capacitor, inductors, AC and DC motors and other electronic loads). This microgrid has two-layer hierarchical control system, the local controllers and the central controller. An energy management system that conforms to the IEC61970 standards was developed.


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wind, photovoltaic, biomass, and fuel cells


Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, Anhui, China

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