Islas Secas Island Microgrid

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The solar array powers all the appliances, lighting, air conditioning and systems on the island – switching off at dusk, to run only on silent battery power at night. Then, again the next morning, the solar array will switch back on at sunrise to refuel the batteries from the night before and will continue to run the island’s electrical loads – all without interruption, noise or exhaust fumes. Just like a Prius on a long road trip, the diesel generators are on stand by to refuel the batteries should there be extended overcast skies, which can reduce the solar array output. Under normal operation, the batteries and solar array should be able to supply 90% of all the energy needed by Islas Secas.

Similar to a plug-in Prius, the PV array (and batteries) power all the island’s systems, 365 days of the year.

Islas Secas is powered a 355kW PV array located next to the island’s air strip.

For heavy loads or unexpected bad weather, the system can call on two 200kW diesel generators at any time.


Islas Secas, San Lorenzo, Chiriquí Province, Panama

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