Chavanga – Kola Pennisula

Remote · Operational
Wind, PV, diesel

350 ppl


MURMANSK – The next  year will see the installation of solar batteries, wind parks and new diesel electric installations in thee far-flung Murmansk Region villages in the Chavanga territory.

The effort is noteworthy as it signals an acknowledgement by Russian authorities that only renewables can do the job in some places, and also sheds a light on able-bodied nations who consistently dump solar and wind for other options.

In all supplying the woebegone villages with a renewable energy infrastructure will cost 104 million rubles ($2.5 million).

The project comes as the results of a competition for a municipal contract to modernize electricity in the remote villages of Chavanga, Tetrino and Chapoma in the Murmansk Region’s Terek district. The firm President Neva, which is involved in similar projects in the regional village of Pyalitsa, won out.

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350 ppl


Murmansk, Murmansk Oblast, Russia

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