Brooklyn Microgrid on President Street Testing Blockchain-based P2P Energy Trading

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First Bitcoin-Enabled P2P Energy Transaction Achieved

From Microgrid Media:

Blockchain-based Microgrid Tests P2P Energy Trading in Brooklyn

Back in the 1990s the advent of peer-to-peer (P2P) computing sites such as Napster turned reproduction and distribution of music, then TV programs and films, upside down and inside out. A small Brooklyn startup is now looking to do the same for electricity.

From MicrogridNews:

TransActive Grid on April 11 announced the first paid P2P energy transaction crossed its online energy trading platform. One member of the Brooklyn Microgrid – former DOE Energy Star national director Bob Sauchelli bought surplus electricity generated from another – social justice activist Eric Frummin. The precedent-setting P2P energy transaction is ¨a giant step towards a consumer-run future,¨ management elaborated in a press release.

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President Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States

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