Ilse of Eigg Microgrid

Community · Operational
'First 3-Renewable Microgrid'

Additional Details

Storage: 212 kWh Rolls Surrette FLA

RE Sources
1. Hydro: 3 x Hydro generators, 110 kW (Major renewable energy source) providing sufficient power most of the year, except in summer months
2. Wind: 4 x Proven wind turbines connected to Windy Boy 6000A, 24 kW (Second largest renewable resource), providing power throug entire year, lowest yield in summer
3. PV: 165 Watt modules with 3 Sunny Boy 3000, a 10 kWp (Smallest renewable resource), provides additional power in summer months- upgraded to 32kW in 2010

 Diesel Generator: 2 x 64kW, primarily backup


Isle of Eigg, United Kingdom

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