Alcatraz Island Microgrid

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Princeton Power Systems completed a Commercial scale Microgrid System on Alcatraz Island as a solution to high diesel fuel costs, pollution in the bay area, and high carbon emissions. When a ship’s anchor ruptured the underwater power lines in 1950, that linked the island to San Francisco, Alcatraz was forced to turn to diesel fuel and coal as its source of power. In 2010, when approached to take on the project, Princeton Power was excited to take on the challenge of enabling the historic landmark and tourist attraction, “The Rock”, to become its own clean and efficient independent power source

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PPS Site Controller… • Generator Start/Stop • Short and long term data logging • Data plotting and exporting to external systems • Data aggregation • Remote kiosk display • Battery Management System • PV Smoothing • Modbus Slave Functionality (allows the transmission of any device parameter over Modbus) • Programmable scheduling (allows scheduling any parameter change to any device at periodic times)

Lead Acid Battery Bank


Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA, United States

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